How Ello Works

How Ello Works

Grab a book from your box and open the Ello App
Grab a book from your box and open the Ello App
Your child reads out loud to Ello
Your child reads out loud to Ello
Watch Ello coach your child into a confident, capable reader
Watch Ello coach your child into a confident, capable reader

The world’s first virtual reading coach that works with real books

Other apps talk, Ello listens

Other reading apps either teach isolated skills such as letter recognition, or they read to your child. That’s not enough. With Ello, your child reads out loud, just like they would with their teachers or literacy specialists.

First-of-its-kind AI technology

Ello uses patent-pending speech recognition and adaptive learning technology to engage with your child while they develop critical reading skills.

Real books, quality screen time

When children make a personal connection with a real book, their natural, joyful curiosity flourishes. Ello elevates the book, instead of distracting your child from it.

How an Ello Subscription Works

5 books, delivered monthly

Books are expertly matched to your child's reading level and interests.

Your child reads to Ello

Ello listens to your child read out loud and coaches them just like a great teacher would.

Return or keep your books

Return your books via free, prepaid shipping at the end of the month, or pay $5 for each book you keep.

Choose your reward

Every month, your child can select a prize with the points they earn reading.

Let’s turn your child into a confident and independent reader!

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Reading is the gateway to learning

Statistics every parent should know

Children are 2x more likely to drop out of high school if they are not a proficient reader by the end of 3rd grade.

Children are 4x more likely to remain a poor reader through 4th grade if they are behind in 1st grade.

Children are exposed to 78k more words each year when they read at least 1 book each day.

Reading skills have stalled during the pandemic. Reading fluency in the U.S. is roughly 30 percent behind what would be expected in a typical year.

No more guesswork - perfect books, delivered

‘Just right’ books are hard to find. Each month, our reading experts hand-select 5 delightful books your child will love, at just the right level to help them grow.
Check out some books that are in our collection below.

Predictable text
Caldecott Medal
Beloved Authors
Books with rhythm and rhyme
Theodore Seuss Geisel Award
Beloved Characters
Beloved Authors
Predictable text
Books with rhythm and rhyme
Caldecott Medal
Theodore Seuss Geisel Award
Beloved Characters

Wondering which books are the best fit for your child’s level and interests?


Your child’s personal reading tutor

If your child gets stuck or misreads a word, Ello uses proven strategies to help them decode and develop fluency. Ello keeps them motivated – not frustrated.

Ready to hear ‘I want to read more!’ from your kids?

With fun characters and Ello by their side, your child will develop a passion for reading. As they read, they’ll earn real rewards that will be delivered in the next month’s box.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Ello?

There are two currently available versions of Ello.

  1. Ello with e-books: the fully digital experience is $14.99 per month.
  2. Ello with paperbacks: this is $39.99 per month.

*promotions and coupons vary so you may see a different amount.

What’s included in my membership?

Ello with E-books:

  • Full App access with digital coaching powered by Adaptive Learn Technology
  • Ello’s library of decodable books
  • Digital prizes for your child’s progress

Ello with paperbacks:

  • All of the above benefits of the fully digital version
  • 5 perfectly leveled books per month shipped to your home to read with the app
  • Physical prize for meeting the previous month’s in-app star goal

How many children can I add to a subscription?

You can add up to 3 reader profiles.

What age range is Ello designed for?

Right now, Ello offers books on reading levels Kindergarten to 3rd grade. We are adding more books all the time so if your child is beyond this or a pre-reader, check back for more updates! Ello is not suited for pre-readers who are not yet decoding basic words.

Generally, Ello works best for children 4–8 years of age but it depends on their reading ability. If they can read the sentence “I am a cat,” they are ready for our earliest level of books! 

How many books does my child get?

Ello with e-books will have 3 books per weekly lesson! We find this gives the perfect amount of time for new readers to work through the books and build a good understanding of concepts before moving on to new books. 

Ello with paperbacks gets 5 physical books shipped to your home.

Other questions?
Email or text (415) 214-8119
How does the Ello app work?

Ello helps early readers break down learning barriers by combining artificial intelligence and speech recognition technology to make Ello come to life. Ello is a revolutionary state-of-the-art interactive reading buddy who listens to your child read out loud. Ello provides support when your child needs help reading, gentle corrections when they make errors, and motivation to keep your child engaged. Appropriately leveled books will be automatically loaded into the app for you!

How does my child use Ello?

Your child will simply log into the app and choose a book to start reading. If they need help with a word, they can tap on the word for help from Ello.

How does Ello keep my child engaged?

As your child reads, Ello brings the story to life, provides words of encouragement, and helps them if they get stuck so they don't get frustrated.

We use behavioral psychology and a growth mindset paradigm to keep your child encouraged, help their confidence soar, and build a love of reading. 

Ello offers a reward system as well. In this system, children collect stars and badges, leading up to a completion prize that is either delivered digitally, included in the next box, or both!

My child is reading the words wrong but Ello isn’t correcting them. What’s going on?

Since children can get easily discouraged, Ello leans on the lenient side. We recommend sitting with your child when they read and helping with some of these corrections yourself. 

Is Ello good for kids with dyslexia?

Ello’s instructional method was developed by reading specialists with backgrounds in dyslexia intervention and uses direct, explicit, and sequential phonics instruction. This is exactly what research shows works for helping children with dyslexia learn how to read. Ello is not a comprehensive curriculum or intervention model for dyslexia, it’s a great supplement and we have numerous children with dyslexia using Ello with great success.

What literacy strategies do you use to support my child?

Ello uses proven, phonics-based reading strategies to help your child decode words and develop fluency. 

What device is required for Ello?

The Ello app works on iPads running iOS 16 and newer. For a complete list, click here. Please note that Ello does not currently work on laptops or desktop computers or phones.

Other questions?
Email or text (415) 214 8119
What kind of books are in the app?

We offer books that are level-appropriate, inclusive, and engaging.

Where do your books come from?

Our physical books are mostly favorite classics. We get them from publishers and you might even already own some of them.

Our e-books in the Ello app come from a special team of authors who specialize in reading education. They are created with the science of reading in mind.

What types of physical books do you send?

Every box of books has to meet three criteria:

  1. Highly engaging
  2. Just the right level for your child’s reading ability
  3. Match common age-based interests

We believe that fantastic books create enthusiastic readers and we work with reading specialists to source classic beloved books and new undiscovered gems. The best part is that we take the guesswork out of finding books that are "just right" for your child – ones that are not too easy and not too hard.

How do you determine my child's reading level?

We make it easy! We’ll take you through a short series of questions in our onboarding process. We use your answers to determine your child’s estimated reading level and reach out if we have any questions. 

As your child completes each level, they will automatically progress to more difficult books. If the books are ever too easy or hard, please let us know and we can help change their reading level.‍

What does it mean that a book is ‘just right’ for my child? ‍

If a child is reading on the appropriate level, they should make 1-10 mistakes per book. Any more than this and we find they get frustrated and overwhelmed. Less mistakes and we find they get bored and aren’t engaged.

By answering a few short questions, we can help determine your child’s appropriate developmental reading level. We are also happy to set the reading level to whatever they are reading at school, as determined by their teacher.

The books are too hard or too easy. How do I change the reading level for my child?

No problem! We want each child to have the best experience possible. This means making sure they are reading on the right level for their abilities. Please email or text Customer Support and we will be happy to make any adjustments you may need. 

When I unlock new books, will we still be able to read the old ones?

Yes! The books will stay available in the app so you can enjoy them over and over again.

Other questions?
Email or text (415) 214 8119
What data do you collect?

If you choose to allow it, we process the audio of your child reading so that Ello can provide real-time support and motivation, and so your child can access certain features of the app, such as listening to themselves read. Separately, you can opt-in to give us access to this data so that we can improve Ello.

We also collect data of your child's progress to provide the service (for example the rewards).

Finally, we collect anonymous and aggregated usage data. See our privacy policy for full details.

What do you do with the data you collect?

It is up to you on what data we collect - it is optional. You will be asked if you would like to opt-in to data collection after downloading the app.

All data is anonymous and aggregated and used to improve the product.

Do you sell the data that you collect?

No. Never.

Do you have ads in the app?

No. Never.

How secure is the data you collect?

It's very secure. We use industry-leading encryption and security.

Other questions?
Email or text (415) 214 8119
When does the box ship?

In most cases, your first Ello box will ship the business day after your order or monthly renewal. Occasionally, we may have some questions about your child’s reading level or your shipping address. If that is the case, we will reach out by email. We will also send an email confirmation with a tracking link so you can watch the shipment of your box. Once sent, you should receive your box within 2-8 business days via USPS Media Mail.

Other questions?
Email or text (415) 214 8119