Confident, Independent Reading

Our Raise a Reader Toolkit creates a routine that empowers children to read and develops critical literacy skills.

What’s Inside?

  • Reading routine guide

    Create a plan to make reading easy for everyone.
  • Motivational reading chart

    Track your child’s progress in a fun, measurable way.
  • Book list

    Master the library by picking books that keep your child’s interest without intimidating them.
  • Top 5 Tips

    5 Tips to help your child keep reaching reading milestones (no degree in Education required).

The Raise a Reader Toolkit empowers children to read independently and with confidence

Learning to read is one of the hardest but most rewarding things your child will ever do. It’s no surprise that it comes with hurdles and frustrations. But you are not alone. Ello has done the research and put our theories to the test. We’ve discovered a path to reading that isn’t lined with bribes, begging, or tears. In the Raise A Reader Toolkit, you’ll find the reading resources that will work best for your family.

Kickstart your child’s love of reading

We’ve included a ‘how-to’ guide on creating a reading routine, a fun reading chart to help motivate and reward, a curated booklist that works with where your child is right now, and five stellar tips to keep you moving toward literacy when the times get tough.

Confident, independent reading.
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