Published: May 29, 2023
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Avoid the Summer Slide With the Perfect Summer Reading Buddy

Lauren Sittel
Literacy Specialist

Using Ello over the summer strikes the perfect balance: reading great books, in a fun way, with an instructional purpose.

Summer’s almost here! For kids, that means visions of sleeping in, vacations, and fun activities. For parents, however, the prospect of summer may be a bit less relaxing, especially this year. All those reports of American students being behind in reading1 and all the articles about the “summer slide”2 can cause a lot of worry about what to do about reading over the summer.

A quick Google search will reveal tons of results for summer reading at home, summer tutoring, and summer programs at libraries (if you’re looking for advice on that, I really like these simple and effective tips from the nonprofit Children’s Literacy Initiative). So I won’t just rehash those ideas. Instead, I present an innovative, engaging tool to your child’s summer reading experience: Ello.

Wherever your child is with reading, Ello meets them where they are and provides the guidance and motivation to independently grow reading skills through the summer.

An Effortless Reading Resource

Ello’s the best kind of buddy: always around when your child needs or wants it.

With Ello, five books at your child’s exact reading level are delivered every month, and your then child has a whole month to read and reread them. Plus, your child is earning a prize for reading—and you don’t have to worry about making time to help your child get through reading their books. Ello’s got that covered!

If you’re already using Ello, keeping your subscription through the summer helps your child keep up with the good reading habits they’ve built during the school year. 

Add FUN Reading Coaching to Your Summer

When most kids think of a “buddy,” they don’t think of a teacher or tutor. But a blue elephant who just happens to know how to help them practice sounding out words and picks out awesome videos to show like this one at the end of each book? That sounds like buddy material.

And Ello isn’t something that you have to budget lots of time or money to include in your child’s summer break plans. You can slip evidence-based reading support into your routine in a way that works for your child. It won’t break the bank, and it won’t feel like school.

Ello is a great addition to any child’s summer reading experience. It’s fun, motivating, low-pressure, and affordable.

Feel Great About Summer Screen Time

Let’s be honest: in the ongoing battle over screen time, parents can definitely use a buddy! And Ello is here to be your reading ally this summer, mixing that coveted tablet with reading real books that they receive in their very own box each month.

With Ello, your child gets screentime that earns them videos, rewards, and prizes. They just happen to be reading a book to an AI reading coach that helps them with decoding while they do it. It’s a win for everyone!

The Best Travel Companion

I hear from a lot of parents that they want to pause or unsubscribe Ello because they’ll be traveling over the summer. But from my perspective, by just packing a tablet and five little books, you can give your child a reading buddy to keep them company on flights, road trips, and all other kinds of summer adventures.

Ello doesn’t need a bed and doesn’t eat anything (except the battery on a tablet). Visits to grandparents are even more fun when your child can show off their amazing reading skills with their AI reading buddy. And best of all, Ello never asks, “Are we there yet?”

By packing a tablet and five paperback books, you can give your child a reading buddy to keep them company on flights, road trips, and summer adventures of all sorts.

It’s not easy to balance letting your child enjoy their summer break with motivating them to spend some of their free time reading. No matter their child’s reading level, no parent wants to see a child lose ground from all their reading progress the previous year. And all parents would love for their child to start experiencing the joy of reading for pleasure.

Using Ello over the summer strikes the perfect balance: reading great books, in a fun way, with an instructional purpose. In a way, summer and Ello were made for each other.

The Summer of Ello is here! We’ll be sharing posts on a variety of summer reading topics—from Kindergarten readiness to literacy beach activities—for the next few months!

“My 6 years old daughter would never want to read, from the moment Ello arrived, she was so excited and so happy that it has only been a few days, and she's already getting back from school and independently, she opens the app and books and starts reading… Ello, you are my daughter's best buddy!!”
- Jennifer Sapp