Published: April 26th, 2023
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Celebrate “Get Caught Reading” Month With Ello

Lauren Sittel
Literacy Specialist

Five ideas to encourage reading in your family this month!

May is “Get Caught Reading Month,” a time to celebrate the fun and joy of reading. The whole Ello team will be sharing “caught reading” photos and book recommendations this month.

To kick off this super fun month of reading celebration, here are some fun ways to celebrate with your favorite readers:

1. Encourage “Gotcha” Moments

All month, encourage everyone in your family to announce when they catch each other in the act of reading. It’s a great way to encourage a positive habit, and will help your children notice just how much reading goes on in their everyday lives.

And let’s be real: what kid wouldn’t delight in yelling “gotcha” all month to their parents?

2. Mix Up Your Usual Reading Habits

Use this month as inspiration to try new things when it comes to reading. You and your child can:

  • Try a new book genre, like graphic novels or comic books
  • Find less common places to read, like the park or the car
  • Try reading with new tech or a new app—like Read With Ello

Give your child a new reading experience this month: reading with Ello! It will boost their reading confidence, motivation, and skills.

3. Schedule Extra Library Visits

No matter how often your family usually visits the library, add some extra library time into the schedule this month. Many libraries and bookstores offer special “Get Caught Reading” events, so check locations near you to see what’s up this month.

4. Set Up a Book Exchange

Invite some friends over for a fun (and free) way to clean out and refresh the family book collection. Have everyone bring several books that they enjoyed but are ready to part with, then let the swapping begin!

Many libraries offer special “Get Caught Reading” events, so check with your local branch to see what’s up this month.

5. Schedule Family Reading Time

Gather the whole family together for group reading time this month. Depending on the ages of the people in your household, this could look like:

  • One family member reading a book out loud to everyone
  • Everyone taking turns reading parts of a book out loud
  • Each person reading a book of their own, then sharing what you read with each other

And since this is a month-long celebration, here are some “get caught reading” photos of the Ello team and our families. Happy reading from all of us at Ello!

Reading alongside or to your child is an easy family activity that models the fun of reading and builds positive associations with books.

"My son is loving Ello!! He has always been a reluctant reader and now he asks to read. Worth its weight in gold!"
- Sarah B.